the summer camp program at JardincitoDc

Our Summer Camp is an exciting program designed to provide children and teenagers with an unforgettable experience during their summer vacations. This summer camp offers a unique combination of fun, adventure, and learning in a safe and welcoming environment.

During the Summer Camp, participants will have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of outdoor activities, sports, arts, crafts, and exciting excursions. Our team of experienced and caring professionals is committed to providing an enriching experience, fostering confidence, creativity, and personal growth for each participant.

Our summer camp is built on core values such as teamwork, mutual respect, and personal development. We encourage active participation from campers, allowing them to develop social skills, make independent decisions, and build lasting friendships.

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Individualized care

Our preschool program includes:

Summer camp program

Safety is our top priority. We have trained staff and constant supervision to ensure a safe and protected environment. Additionally, our facilities are equipped with appropriate security measures to provide parents with peace of mind and confidence in our care.

Whether through exciting outdoor activities, thrilling challenges, or the opportunity to learn new skills, our Summer Camp offers an unforgettable summer experience for participants. We are committed to providing a stimulating environment where campers can have fun, grow, and create memories they will cherish for a lifetime.


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