the spring break program at JardincitoDc

Our Spring Break program is an exciting opportunity for students to make the most of their free time during the spring vacation. Designed to provide a unique and enriching experience, our program offers a variety of fun and educational activities to enjoy.

During Spring Break, students will have the opportunity to participate in thrilling excursions, interactive workshops, outdoor activities, and enriching cultural experiences. These activities are carefully planned to foster exploration, learning, and fun, while creating a safe and supervised environment.

Our team of highly skilled professionals will be present to guide and support students throughout the program. We focus on promoting personal growth, fostering social skills, and encouraging creativity through a variety of stimulating activities.

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Individualized care

Our preschool program includes:

Spring break program

We understand the importance of each student’s individual needs and strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone can participate and enjoy. Our goal is for students to return from their Spring Break with lasting memories, new friendships, and increased self-confidence.

Our Spring Break program is the perfect opportunity for students to make the most of their vacation, experience new adventures, and immerse themselves in an enriching and fun environment. We are committed to providing a memorable experience that allows them to grow, learn, and enjoy an unforgettable holiday.


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