the after school program at JardincitoDc

Our after-school program is an enriching space designed to provide students with an educational and fun experience outside of school hours. This program is carefully structured to offer activities and learning opportunities that complement and expand upon the school curriculum.

Our team of highly trained educators is committed to providing a safe and stimulating environment where students can engage in a variety of enriching activities. This includes homework assistance, creative workshops, sports, interactive games, and thematic projects that promote exploration and the development of practical skills.

Our approach is based on promoting the holistic growth of students, supporting their academic, social, and emotional development. We value active student participation, fostering teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking.

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Individualized care

Our preschool program includes:

After school program

Additionally, we understand the importance of maintaining open and fluid communication with parents. Therefore, we provide regular reports on students’ progress and performance, as well as opportunities for meetings and collaboration with parents to ensure a comprehensive and satisfying experience.

Our after-school program aims to enrich the lives of students by providing them with a supportive and stimulating environment after school, while developing valuable skills and enjoying enriching experiences.


we meet kids where they are.